Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Such a Romo Mamma!

When I was young, I swore I would never be like my parents.

Well, I am a parent.

And I am turning into my parents!!!!!!!!!!

Exhibit A:
How to be a Romo mamma:
Step 1: Worry about your child catching a "draft"
Step 2: Bundle your child up at the slightest breeze
Step 3: Insert baby's pants into socks before bedtime:
This will prevent any stray draft from entering up the bottom of his pants and traveling to his lungs where he could potentially contract pneumonia!
Step 4: Go to bed, sleep easy, know that you have single-handedly saved your child from contracting all the major illnesses carried by drafts.
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  1. ok when I saw the title to this post in my blogs I follow i had to come right over and read what makes you "such a Romo Momma".
    Haha... yes you totally are a romo momma and for that matter so am I... by the way as I was writing the last sentence Seth just bent over at the waist and let out the loudest fart. thought I'd share that tidbit with you.

  2. Oh my goodness. I could not stop laughing when I read this. Romos definitely have something with drafts. I've started with it too. I can feel drafts everywhere, at church, in my office, when we eat out. I'm always worried about getting sick. I can't imagine what it will be like when I have a kid. Florin explained it that all Romos are paranoid about everything. It has to do with communism and being paranoid of everyone around you and everything that happened. So somehow that mentality has passed down to us.

  3. oh dear lord, this is hilarious! poor luke has no idea how many fashion rules you're breaking with the whole sock thing.

    at least you can rest assured he won't be catching any drafts thru his legs. whew! :)

  4. i think i've looked at this picture and re-read this blog post a million times. i keep coming back to it - it kills me, the picture, the way you described it, all of it.

    last night, i made reid come into the office and look at it while i read it to him. he thought it was pretty cute, but part of him was like...'does she really think he's going to catch something from a draft?' i think he's wondering if i'm going to be doing the same sorts of things! :)