Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playing catch-up

I'm feeling a little guilty for not keeping up with my blog. First of all, I really do like to blog, just don't get around to it. It's such good therapy.. rambling about nothings...

I just noticed that my last entry was December, yikes!

Well, a few things have happened since December!

The biggest change has been pregnancy! yes, they warn you that everything changes, but not that everything changes!

1st Trimester:
Could not eat: onions, asian food, coffee, salad

Wanted to eat: Chef Boyardee ravioli, fried chicken, McDonald's (anything), pizza, hamburgers, mom's cooking (which was not available so, i improvised and made chicken noodle soup in a large pot, had too much of it, do not want it again for a looooong time)

Felt sea-sick on&off most of day... not really morning.. never threw up.. (ok, threw up once, but only because my throat hurt and my mom recommended a salt gargle... never doing that again)

Was under the impression I could gain 2 lbs a week... and eat 300 more caloires a day....

2nd Trimester:
.... until i read my baby book for the 2nd trimester and it said, "you can now start eating 300 more calories a day..." WHAT?!!! what was I doing all that extra eating for during the first trimester??!! grrr... that's what happens when i don't bother to ask the doctor specific questions...

Needless to say, gained more weight than wanted... Lesson learned :) read the fine print!

Could not eat: Sushi, not by choice!!!!

Wanted to eat: EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!! Mostly asian food and sushi, almost jumped my co-worker who innocently decided to sit next to me with her sweet & sour pork... oh those little morsels of battered, deep-fried pork, with neon-red dipping sauce... oh how I wanted it!!!

I also experienced my first hormone-induced fit of rage.. was at Central Market (kind-of a Whole Foods type-place), checking out and i asked the checker if her lane was opened, because she wasn't standing in front of it.. and the answer i got was, " yes, i'm open, that's why the light above my register is on." WHAT??@!!! what do you think i am??!! an idiot?? Like i don't know what the light above the register means@!!!!!!! oooh, that started it! then i had left my planner with my grocery list in my basket, and as she takes it out, she Slaps! it on the counter!!!! ok, enough with the attitude! I happened to be onthe phone with my sister nina, and i broke into a string of Anger-induced Romanian and I told nina that if that checker even so much as looked at me again, I would reach over the counter and drag her outside and beat her with my planner! but i'm over it :)

Coolest thing about pregnancy so far: feeling baby move. People say it's cool, but nothing prepares you for the first time you realize that it's not lunch you're feeling, but baby. and when he does a complete somersault, your whole abdoment shifts, so cool! I like to pretend i know what he's thinking or saying when he moves... like for instance when I was joking with my friend on facebook that I would make my son wear white patent leather shoes on easter... yup, i got a big kick for that statement... guess he doesn't like that idea :) and then when Deric first told him to be a good boy, he gave a big kick too... i think of it as a "high five" to daddy ;)

Next on agenda: name-picking, crib buying, decisions on diapers (cloth vs. disposable), and a bazillion other things i know i'm overlooking...

keep tuned, more momma-drama to come!