Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now I can blog freely

Now that i've gotten the long overdue food blog out of the way, I can post and blog about other random things that need to be said. Mostly political things

1. Nobel peace prize committe is a joke

2. A public option of healthcare is also a joke... so far all the healthcare versions in the senate do not cover ALL uninsured Americans. With any of the purposed plans, there will still be uninsured people, so what's the point?!

3. Insurance companies cannot compete with the government in healthcare. Any public option proposal will lead to employers discontinuing to pay for their employees' benefits.. why should they when their employees can just get on the public government program?! if it smells like socialism, walks like socialism, talks like socialist, it's the President!

4. SNL is finally starting to come around to realizing our pres is not the golden boy he says he is:
made me giggle, but so sad, because it's all true!

Please, fellow Americans, try to see behind the picture he paints of himself. And especially for all the Christians out there, the man is the most liberal, far-left president yet. His policies speak volumes. No concern for the sanctity of marriage, no concern for the un-born, no concern for personal freedom and freedom of speech, and no concern for a free market.
The next time we have a chance to vote, for anything! be it on a county, state or national level, let's get it right!

*Paid for by the "I am Disgusted about our Current Administration" Fund*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheese for dessert?! Mais Oui!!

Oh the things I ate! Enjoy this food tour of France and Italy...


The trip started off well with cheese served on the plane! Can't go wrong.

My first coffee (espresso) in Paris!

French onion soup, of course!

Lunch was steak & fries w/ pepper sauce - very traditional - pepper sauce is yuck, fries are yum

Day 2

Riomagiorre, Italy (Cinque Terre)

Italian Pizza

Deric had a slice that had sausage ( i think they were Ball Park hotdogs)

I had pesto pizza, basil goodnesss

Dinner in Riomaggiore

Deric had fish and potatoes cooked in tomato & olive oil sauce
I had pasta with fresh anchovies. I like anchovies! I suspected I would!

Dessert was a cheese plate with tomatoes & honey... ever had honey with stinky cheese?! Divine!

Day 3

Monterosso, Italy (cinque terre)

Dinner - minestrone , so good, so comforting...
Day 4

Cap D'Ail, France

Tomato, Onion, Anchovy & olive salad

Crisp cool tomatoes with tangy onions and the strong salted anchovy.... a perfect medley

Cap D'Ail, France - The view from the hostel patio

Probably my favorite meal of the trip: everything was so fresh! we ate on the patio overlooking the mediterranean, drank water from large bottles, and this was at the hostel where we stayed!
Pasta with mussels, shrimp, calamari and peas!!!! lots of peas!!! genius!

Day 5

Nice, France
We had a 3 course lunch

Starter: Deric had Nicoise salad (Tuna, eggs, anchovies, I ate his anchovies :)

Starter: I had foie gras on toast. Very good. Very rich. Made me Very sick. too much fat for my poor gallbladder.

Main Course: Deric had steak and fries, with not enough ketchup to satisfy him

Main Course: I had Fish provenceal (tomatoes, onions, olives). It was okay. I think the zuchinni was bad.

Dessert: Deric had creme brulee... he doesn't like the crunchy, sugary topping.. what?!

Dessert: I had cheese! Chevre (goat cheese), Brie, and Emmental cheese

Now this is how you end a meal! ( and any diet you are on!)

Day 6

Montpellier, France
Celeste's Baptism


Forgot to photograph the appetizer, I was too busy holding babies and scarfing down the appetizer. It was plates of salami slices and small breadsticks made of the most amazing soft buttery dough served on granite tiles for plates... so chic!

Round 1: Fresh heirloom tomatoes served with a feta-yogurt dip, I am salivating just looking at this picture!

Filet and Mashed potatoes - okay, I wiped my plate clean! the sauce was liquid gold! I know it had more butter than I care to imagine, but it just melted in my mouth...

Dessert: I was told this was a regional specialty. A tower of vanilla & chocolate cream puffs piled high to create a tower.

This is what my portion of the tower looked like: there was also fresh fruit ( i got mango & strawberries) and a nut brittle which I couldn't eat because of my metal mouth

Day 6
Nimes, France
Home of the largest, most well-preserved, Roman colesium in the world

Deric had salad with smoked duck breast and foie gras. Notice the thick layer of fat on the duck breast... we did not eat that! But i have heard that french fries cooked in duck fat are amazing... i'll try that next time i'm in france...

I had daube, which is a french dish where cuts of beef are slow cooked to become very tender.. very good.

Day 7
Marseilles, France
Deborah & Sebastian's Home
The cooked us dinner.

We started off with anchovy (left) and olive tapenade... olive was very good and tangy... I have to admit that there is a such thing as tooo much anchovy... not a fan of the tapenade

Dinner was duck breast with home-fried potatoes in duck fat, oh yumm... duck breast tasted very much like steak to me, well the consistency if very much like beef... I really enjoyed this!

And for Dessert???!!! CHEESE!
Sebastian is a budding cheese-maker... The top 3 cheese are homeade chevre..
oh and the bottom right is roquefort, oh it is my new favorite!

Day 8
Pertuis, France
(Provence Region, Le Luberon)
It was a cold and rainy day, all day, we drove in the rain, walked in the rain... finally decided to eat at a French equivalent of an Applebees or such...

Pretty good food! They were running specials to advertise that the government had recently decreased the sales tax on food... so all the prices had the new, lower-tax price printed next to the original price that was scratched out...
I had a sauteed cabbage casserole with baked potato and sour cream.... kinda a romo dish...

Day 9
Back in Paris!!

Ate dinner with Deric's friends, Claire & Jeffrey...
They took us out to dinner at a local bistro
I tired escargot!!! Snails!!!
They have the cosistency of a cooked oyster or clam... The sauce they were in was very good and we dipped our bread into it..
Dinner was a past with cream sauce and chicken and mushrooms... what could go wrong?!
Day 10
Lunch in paris, kebab sandwiches... basically the meat that is cooked on long vertical spits... and shaved off once it's cooked...

check out the small fork for the fries! genius! you never get your hands greasy!

Day 11
Montemarte District
We had crepes before going to Sacre Coeur
I had potato, bacon and cheese crepe for lunch
and dessert crepe was coconut and banana!!

Day 12
Last lunch in Paris :(
We sat at a cafe on a large square and people watched.

We shared ceasar salad... very fresh

And french pizza that had too much cheese... oh well, i just had to eat it all....

And that was the food journal that I kept. I left out most breakfasts and snacks... I had to enjoy some things in the moment and didn't have time to take a pic.. or maybe i was too grumpy in the morning to care...
either way, I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed eating the food...
seriously, Americans need to start eating cheese for dessert!!