Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby Food

Luke is eating solids!

His pediatrician gave him the ok to start eating at 5 months, and you bet I started feeding him! (and he's been sleeping like a champ since we started :)

His first meal was some rice cereal, and he didn't quite know what to make of it. My friend, Sarah, suggested I put it on my finger and let him eat off of that... It worked! He is now eating bowl-fulls of it!

At my in-laws house, we tried avocado... Loved it!

Then we tried peas... the first bite was accepted.. second bite was okay two.. third bite got me a sourface :) And made him gassy.. so we're gonna hold off on that for awhile.

Next food in line: greenbeans and rice! mmmmmm.....

Here is some live action of all the fun!

Crochet, how I love thee

My fascination with crocheting started this summer after I had Luke.. and I started looking at all the cute baby stuff online.. and I thought... "I could do that!"

Ha! It's not so easy! As I have shown, it starts off small ;-)
Mary, Deric's mom, helped me start a hat last time we went to visit her.... 2-3 months ago... and I was doing well, as long as she was there to look over my shoulder. I thought I had the hang of it, but when I went home, and she wasn't there... I was useless!

But, I am happy to say that I have finished my first project! A hat!

The plan was to make hats for all my nieces for Christmas (much too ambitious!). I got one hat done Christmas eve, and I gave it to the first taker, my niece Madison. Isn't she cute?

And now that I've made one for her, the other 4 nieces wanted one too :) not to mention my three other nieces in Oregon... Looks like I’ll be busy for a while :)