Saturday, May 29, 2010


I think the nesting has officially started. We spent all day working around the house, trying to get baby's room ready. So far, we have the crib, dresser and new sofa bed set up, all from IKEA, which I am LOVING' these days!
Technically, we are ready to house a baby!
that's crazy, i'll be 34 weeks this week. yikes!
I've been trying to finish my sewing of the bedding (will post pics later), but my sewing maching broke, so I am helpless, for a few days only i hope.
So, yes, have ALOT to do. Hopefully Luke will stay put until i'm done... luke, listen to your momma!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm just going to apologize in advance....
The next, oh.... hundred or so blogs will be about baby... yup, i've tried to hold back long enough.. but a new baby has a way of consuming most of your thoughts, actions..

Today, we will talk about: Da Belly

Yes, the ever-growing, ever-thightening, most inconvenient belly.... I love it! Despite all the negative descriptions, it does hold our little one...

What I dont' love is that it slows me down, and i can't bend over anymore, and it hurts to roll over in bed... all small things, but can be very frustrating..

.... but all is forgotten when the belly starts moving! yes, i become mesmorized by the way it changes shape and form with baby's movements... I can say that i've fallen in love with the little guy already!!! and I forgive him for the way he's stretching my body :)

So for those who need a visual, here it is: Belly at 32weeks