Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crotchet and Ties

What a great weekend we had!!

My in-laws came to visit, which meant free babysitting :)

It also meant free crotchet lessons from my mom-in-law, Mary. I would love to be able to crotchet Luke some cute hats and moccasins... but so far, this is all I can do.

I've made a blanket for a small mouse, and the other for perhaps a cricket?? It's not difficult once you get started, but the starting and ending part can be difficult.

I also recieved an awesome gift from my sister Naomi. Loved it! She bought Luke some Fabulous! clothes from H&M, since we don't have one here in Dallas, Yet.
The best part is that she also sent some ties that she made for Luke, 15 of them!! They slip over the head with some elastic, and they look super cute, don't u think? He doesn't like me to take too many pics of him in his undies :)
For a happier picture of his fabulous self and to see the ties, you can visit Naomi's blog.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh crafty day!

Yet another perk of being a stay-at-home mom... I have time to craft... well, kinda. These two crafts took almost 3 weeks to complete. I can only sew while Luke is awake (my machine is so loud!) So between feeding, changing, playing with luke, housework, excercising, cooking... I have time for a few crafts!

I was inspired to try making baby shoes after I saw all the cute ones selling for $15 + on Etsy. So I found a simple pattern online, and here's what I came up with! Simplistic, but cute. and the ideas for the next ones are rolling! can't wait to start on the 2nd pair!

I wanted them to be kinda "fancy" moccasins, so I used a men's suiting material, and ultrasuede for the soles.

The cutest shoe model ever!!!

I also made a burp cloth (1st of many to come). I recieved some great burp cloths for my baby shower, but I would never pay that money for somthing my baby pukes on. So I bought some cute animal fabric from Joann's, along with some plain terry-cloth. Cut out some rectangles, roll over the seams, sew - and voila! Fancy burp cloth!