Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bathroom Bliss

We are almost owners of a new-house! well, new for us! Momma's getting a big kitchen :) !

We are also going to hang on to our current home and rent it out. We spent this past weekend doing all the little things around the house that we've been neglecting : painting, hanging shelves, trimming bushes, fixing broken door, etc.

One of my projects was the bathroom. We had our little Master bath redone a couple of years ago. But we never really put the finishing touches on it. So all we did was paint and hang 2 $6.99 shelves from Ikea, put some towels, baskets and plants on them, and voila! Room complete! Too bad we're moving out and won't enjoy it :(

What do you think? Has my countless hours of HGTV watching paid off? Or should I be watching more?



  1. nice job, I think HGTV did well by you or vice versa.
    btw- your post has the text before and after the photos, just thought you'd want to know.

  2. thanks Bobi! grrr... i'm such a blog-[rookie, one of these days i'll figure it out!

  3. let me ask you this, is there really such a thing as too much HGTV watching? because i highly doubt it. alas, we don't have cable, so i haven't been watching it for a couple of years. i know, sad. if you ever feel like you're watching too much, don't fret, you're watching my share. :)

    i LOVE the update! such a simple idea, but makes such a big difference. i'm definitley sending you pics of rooms i want to update so you can share you expertise.