Friday, February 11, 2011

I Heart Garlic!!!

Maybe it was the way the flourescent lights in the freezer section hit the packaging just right.

or maybe it was something greater than myself... maybe it was destiny!!

Either way, I ended up with 3 lbs of peeled garlic cloves! those darn warehouse stores can make you or break you!

So now i have alot of garlic to use up... but no fears! I love garlic! only second to onions... mmmm...

and doesn't garlic have superpowers?! I'm not just talking about making vampires writhe in pain, turn to dust and disappear... it's really good for you and your body! except maybe for your love life if you're still single and trying to mix it up... us ol' married folk have given up all that "puttin' on airs" stuff ... "Hey! you're supposed to love me in good and BAD! and BAD means stinky too!"

But garlic isn't really stinky.. it's aromatic.. ahhhh, yes... beautifully aromatic.

It's great raw.. but have you tried it sauteed, baked, roasted, pickled???? I can't decide which way I like it best!

So now, to begin my culinary journey with garlic.. oh the places I will go! hey, I've always wanted to try the classic French 40-clove garlic chicken recipe :)

I'll keep you posted!

This is the garlic... after I gave my friend Sarah about 1lb of it :)
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