Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby at the Ranch

Luke went to see his Mimi and Poppa this weekend!
Deric's parent's own a family ranch in the Texas panhandle. This is where Deric was born and raised until he went away to college.
As a city-born, city-raised girl, it was quite the culture shock to visit his hometown. The population figure I found online was 36. Yup. 36 people. I have close to 36 people in my immediate family!

It really is another way of life... a good life. It's almost like you step into an old western film...

I'm so blessed to have inherited all of this into my family. And I'm more happy that Luke will be able to experience some of what his daddy did growing up.

He had his first taste of real ranch living this weekend.
He watched his poppa bottle-feed a baby calf, and he even went on his first horse ride! He loved it all!
I thought the animals would scare him, but he seemed right at home around them... a small cowboy in the making :)

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  1. I like his little squeal of happiness and flapping his hands.